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Louisville, Est. 2004

Turley on Great Day Live

Hi everyone,

I wanted to bring you up to date with what’s happening in my career. Things are really starting to click and I should be off and running very soon.

I just performed on WHAS TV here in Louisville for the Great Day Live and my speaking engagement agent is very excited about using it along with my appearance on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show. For the complete story you can visit WHAS website here.

He’s going to be booking me on a Keynote speaking tour and along with my talking, I will sing for everyone as well.

My book ‘BlindSighted’ should be out in the very near future and I’m really jazzed about it.

I’m back to producing again and hoping to get hooked up with some bands and or singers and producing a top professional product for them.

I’m still cooking with my vocal and songwriting lessons and things are starting to really pick up.

If any of you are wanting to become a much better singer and or songwriter then, I promise you that I can help.

If you’re looking to have a great CD (album) and you want it to compete with what’s out there then, by all means, spend the extra money to have it done by a professional like me. Over 60,000 hours of studio behind me and I know what’s the correct way to do it.

Thanks and all of you have a great year.

Turley Richards.

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