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Louisville, Est. 2004

clifton's with my daughter amber.

Hi all,

Next Saturday night, September 3rd 8pm-11pm I will be singing at clifton's
Pizza on Frankfort ave (502 893-3730) The great news is my daughter amber
will be joining me on stage for a few songs. She's a fantastic singer and
performer. Big voice and quite soulful. Gee! I wonder where that came
from. Hahaha Please come out if you can, she will knock yur socks off.

Last night at chubby ray's we had a very large crowd and 2 of my very very
best students sat in with me. Katie Potts (12) and Kimberly Maloney (12)
brought a lot of friends with them and trust me, no one went home unhappy.
These 2 kids are going to be absolutely great adult singers and both are
great young singers and I predict a possible recording career for both of

So, come on out this Saturday night, September 3rd and we will entertain
you. Oh shucks! I forgot, My long time student and friend Hilary reinen
will be singing as well and she can sing her butt off as well. Lot's of
great singers around me. I guess it makes me look pretty good. LOL

My book is coming along very well now, that we've got the feel of what the
publishing agent needs from me and the ghost writer.

Blessings to all.


Ps. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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