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Louisville, Est. 2004

singing at Chubby Ray's Saturday, July 23rd

Hi everyone in the Louisville area. I will be singing this weekend,
Saturday July 23rd 8:00 until 11:00.

Chubby Ray's is loacated in J-town at: 3910 Ruckriegel Pkw phone 267 1188.
We will be out on the covered patio and we're going to be crowded so, come
out early and grab a seat. Well! You know what I mean. Hahaha

Singing with me are 2 of my favorite students, both 12 years old and they
can sing like birds from heaven above.

Katie Potts has been with me for over 3 years and a true pure country singer
with a big voice. I do predict a recording career is, in the stars for
this little cutie.

Kimberly Maloney has been with me for close to 2 years and she's got a great
sound with a big voice and her style is for sure, country pop and she can
own a song and a recording career is in the stars for this little cutie as

I'm so proud of my students and it makes me feel so happy to be able to give
them a chance to perform with me in a live situation.

I always make the joke with them, that they have a former recording star as
their back-up guitar and singer and then, they just boss me around like they
own me. Guess what? They do. LOL

So, for a great night of some darn good singing and the sharing of God-given
gifts, come on out and have some fun with us.

Check me out at: click to facebook and check us out.


Turley Richards

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