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Louisville, Est. 2004

Yippee! Finally! The wait is over! I'm totally pumped up...

The Listening Room is ready for you.

After 30-plus weeks of due diligence, lots of tweaking, putting all the nuts, bolts and screws where they belong, The Studio is ready to go. So, all songwriters, singers and bands, head on over to the site and click The Studio link and read what is offered.

  • FACT... almost every single publishing company has signs posted that state, “No solicitation”. Unless you know someone who works for one of these publishers, it's a total waste of time to mail in your songs because they will not listen to them.
  • FACT... There is no one out there who will listen to your music and give you feedback. You might have a great song but how do you get someone too listen and give tips on how to improve your craft. Therefore, how can you grow and get better thereby increasing your abilities? It's next to impossible.
  • FACT... The Listening Room is designed to give to you a professional opinion of what you should do to enhance your chances of having more success with your God given talents. Advice that could possibly result in publication.
  • FACT... If you really are serious about moving up to the next level and having the kind of success that we all dream about, I truly feel that my suggestions can be extremely helpful. You would be paying me to give you my honest and professional opinion.
  • WHY ME?... I've been a singer, songwriter, producer and performer for almost 50 years.

As a producer, I have produced projects for the following record labels: Warner Brothers, Silba, Bridge, Calliopy, CBS/Epic, Twentieth Century, Atlantic, Monument, Evergreen, CBS/Priority, Benson, and Mercury Records. I have also produced for many independent record labels. In total I have produced more than 35 artists and co-produced my own prime-time television program in 1972. In 1979-80, I produced my own album 'Therfu' for Atlantic Records with Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) as the executive producer. Mick was also my manager at that time. This was my first time, as a producer, to have a song in the Billboard Top 50; ‘You Might Need Somebody’.

As a songwriter, I've had over 50 of my original songs recorded on other artists’ albums. One of my songs ‘When I Lose My Way’ made it to number 1 in the UK and South Africa with the artist Randi Crawford. As a singer/performer, I have sold 1.4 million records world wide for the following record labels: Fraternity, ABC/Dot, MGM/Verve, Twentieth Century, CBS/Columbia, Kapp, Warner Brothers, Silba, Calliopy, CBS/Epic and Atlantic Records. Two of my songs made it to the Billboard Top 50 charts with another one making the Billboard Top 100.

Probably the most important talent I bring to the table is my producing experience. A producer's job is to find and listen to as many songs as possible in order to find the few songs that seem to have that ’hit’ quality. I have listened to as many as 300 to 400 songs just to find that great one. This means my ears have a tremendous amount of experience. I will give my honest, professional opinion about all the songs that are submitted.

Being a songwriter is a great help; it is more subjective. However, it will help me to see if the song is laid out well and that the writer has utilized all the parts of the song to reach a wide and varied audience.

Being an arranger is a little subjective, but it allows me to see if the arrangement has the ability to draw me or any listener into the body of the song.

So, check me out and make that smart move to take advantage of someone who has the ability and experience to truly help you. You have the assurance that I will do all I can to help you. Let’s see what we can do together.

I wish you luck.


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