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Turley's first blog

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited about being able to write my first blog here on my website. My fabulous webmaster David Nuckolls has set this up for me and I'm going to do my best to keep everyone up to date with what's going on in my life and music career.

Beinga blind person, sometimes trying to do things like this are rather difficult to do and that's why David is a very special person to help me out and making me feel more like a sighted person.

So, what's going on with me? I'm very excited right now. I'm in the process of finally getting something happening with my book (BlindSighted) A agent in New york is going to be pitching the book to the big publishing houses and even talking with the likes of: HBO and the Lifetime channel about considering my story for a TV movie.

Life is very strange, I have been talking to so many people over the last 10 years or so about doing a book and fate had it's hands on me, when I did a radio interview with a very fine lady named: Linnda Durre show and after we finished the interview, she asked me to stay on the line.

When she came back on line, she said you need to do a book about your life, it would be so inspirational and could help a lot of people through their own troubled times. She said let me get in touch with a great agent and see if this can happen. Wow! the very next day I was contacted by the agent from Lifetime Media (jacqueline Grace) andshe is very interested and we're going to take a shot and see if it can happen. How cool is that? I will keep everyone informed about the progress.

Now, in my personal life. My daughter Amber and husband Bryan is going to give me my first grandchild on May 24th and her name will be: Zoey Grace and this man is beyond excited, i can't wait to hold that precious little life in my big ol hands. LOL

I'm actualy going to put together a 4 piece band here in the next couple of months. Drummer, bass and an a electric guitar to go along with my pounding guitar sound and I'm hoping it will be a successful sound and that everyone digs it alot.

So, time to shut up and close out. Pretty good for my first entry, right? See ya soon.

The Turleymoan~

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