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Louisville, Est. 2004

Two New Albums Released

Your Song/Album Could be next!

Just follow the link to the Listening Room and find out how your song or album could be the next big hit...



  • Magic Potion
  • Turning
  • Yada Yada Ya
  • Dancing With the Man in the Moon
  • It's All Up to You
  • Turbulent Years
  • These Are My Children
  • The Mirror
  • Your Eyes
  • Please Let Me Go

[caption id="attachment_15" align="alignright" width="201" caption="NOW Available from CD Baby!"]BlindSighted[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignleft" width="184" caption="NOW Available from CD Baby!"]
Back To My Roots

Back To My Roots


  • Get Down and Do that Thang
  • Soothe Me
  • American Dream
  • Baby Come on Home
  • Baby Please Don't Go
  • Hold on
  • I want to be somebody
  • Mikie
  • Silba Lena
  • The Lonely Ones

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