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Louisville, Est. 2004

Coming out of semi-retirement

I’m coming out of semi-retirement and ready to let the world hear about me once again.  I sold a total of 1.4 million records and some of you are still alive like me. 


I have just finished and published my first book of memoirs: BlindSighted and it truly captures my life starting with my losing my left eye when I was almost 5 years old and it runs all the way through my eventually going blind in my right eye and my long successful recording career.  Photo of book cover below. 



There’s to much to write here so, please go to  and look at all the stars I shared the stage with and check out all my albums that I had with the 7 major labels that I recorded for from 1959 through 1981 and some CDs I recorded for my semi-retirement years.  Also, if you really want to read the best of the music world and the most outrageous life with record labels and managers, you need to buy my book.    


Check out my 1969 video when I performed on the Johnny Carson Tonight show (linked below) and my 2011 performance  at the 2011 West virginia Hall of fame show.   I’ve been nominated to the hall as well.  Check out all the videos in my media section


These are exciting times and I’m hoping some lectures will be coming my way  and some small concert halls to share my music. 


Friend me on facebook and all the other social media sites. 


Many blessings to everyone and hope to see you soon.

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