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Louisville, Est. 2004

Learn from Turley Richards

Vocal Lessons / Coaching / Producing

I now have some openings, for aspiring singers and songwriters.


I have a 24-track studio and this is where we will do your lessons. I will teach you all the fundamental techniques, to strengthen and support your   singing. I will then, coach you to the style that fits your voice. I will teach you mic techniques and how to record your voice, just like it's done   in the major studios in: NYC, L.A. and Nashville. You will become a seasoned singer   and I will help you to become a better performer.


I also, will work with those that want to improve their songwriting abilities. I   have written over 600 songs and I have learned all the tricks of the trade to make you have a better understanding, of what it takes to write a hit song.

An Added Bonus...

I have been in the record business for over 40 years and I have a great knowledge   of how the music business operates. I will be able to answer any and all questions   pertaining to the business. I have accumulated a tremendous amount of connections and can help guide your talent in the right direction.


  • Looking for a recording artist to ensure your upcoming event is a huge success?
  • Like to jump start your music career?
  • Want to enrichen your passion for music?
  • Want to produce a professional or custom CD?

Turley has worked with all of the top studios, musicians, engineers and publishing companies in Nashville, LA, and Atlanta. His production portfolio includes just about every kind of music. Contact him today to get started!

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